Greenhouse film coating of polyethylene and containing different additives used in greenhouses and greenhouses for ornamental flowers used. Can be based on customer needs additives to adjust the temperature (IR), ultraviolet (UV), anti-dew (FOG) and be added to video production.

Additive UV (strength and durability of the film)
Additive Anti-ultraviolet (UV) radiation Protect nylon for greenhouses from the sun and Increase the life more and use it for more time. Its benefits to agricultural :Protection plant from rays that damage to plant and raise product quality. The amount of additives in accordance with the requirements of the percentage of UV is used.

Additive IR:
The sun's rays raises temperature inside the greenhouse in during the day.Additive IR would reflect infrared radiation and this causes an increase in temperature 4 degrees warmer than the coating without the additive.IR materials with streaming sunlight preventing products from sunlight harm when this is intense and products grow together and timely . The film is also known as thermal The water droplets act like a magnifying glass and cause are damage to the plant.

Anti-fog additives (Anti Fog):
Water droplets of plant photosynthesis in greenhouse films on the inner surface of the film takes shape, has several negative effects.causes the Decrease 30% of light by the plants, which reduces the product.Dew dripping on the plant  increases the Various diseases.anti-fugue film There are many benefits.

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