irrigation Nylon are produce with using low-density polyethylene and high density polyethylene and recycled materials.Nylon irrigation are recyclable and are not considered a threat to the environment.This product has wide application but most use in agriculture, manufacturing and construction than used in hardworking .irrigation Nylon used In Transport for protection load from external factors, for packing luggage, lining the ceiling to prevent the penetration of cold and heat insulation for exterior building components, agricultural industry .For example,saving the 20% energy ceiling insulation and external factors.Use Durable in hardwork will bring Durable and high strength for concrete for the customer.The irrigation nylon years developed widely in countries ,has Spread in our country in recent years.
The width of the nylon in the quality of primary and secondary between 6 cm and 1000 cm and a thickness of between 15 and 800 microns.Request nylon with low width and thickness necessary means additional cost.However, should the company's consumer product that is available to all its economic and price is cheap.Add some material during the production of nylon irrigation Causes endurance and flexibility to be Naylvnmy rolls.

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