Nylon rolls is very wide applications.Roll nylon overall used for construction sector as a concrete coating and substrate Bnty, in transport as a means of protection
from external effects,packing furniture and equipment and re-packaging to protect the equipment against external impacts, covering the roof to keep out the heat
and, as a protective material for insulation against the natural state of the agriculture industry to maintain the temperature for cultivation of crops .So, for example,
the use of nylon rolls on the roof and exterior will help to control almost 20% temperature.Rolls of plastic that is used in the concrete industry leads to increased
strength and increase the life of the concrete.However, the roll of nylon in developed countries for many years in various cases to be used, most recently in our
country is also taken into consideration.
width of production in the first and second quality nylon roll is between 6 cm and 1000 cm and a thickness is of 30 microns to 1000 microns.roll width manufacturing
and thickness is Additional costs determined in accordance with regional needs.
Request roll with low width and too high thickness is the additional cost. However, the company will provide the consumer must have a product that is economically
and cost is inexpensive.Add some materials during production roll nylon will bring maximum endurance and flexibility roll nylon for .


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