shiring Nylon  is something that is very sensitive to heat and can be manufactured at a specific temperature.

shiring shell is produced in the temperature range from 108 to 122 degrees Celsius with using raw materials Petkim G03-5 and shearing in the first phase put in to the machine and in the second step in the opposite direction and at a temperature of 5 degrees higher than the temperature fall.Since the nylon shiring property is a great plasticity in during the production mode of production should be taken from the final product icon .

During tests in the laboratory environment is clearly visible that the  increased compression and inflation shiring The same amount is also reduced shearing length.

When the output from 1/1 to 3/1 of a blow to the head rises a small rise on a horizontal surface visible.In addition, the speed of the twisting hook  also has a direct impact on Schering.

Nylon shearing in different sizes from 6 cm to 90 cm of the start and with a thickness of between 30 and 400 microns leads.

Consumers have attention the length, width and weight theirproduct.

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